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To Be or Not To Be....Keeping Tarvaris Jackson ?

Posted on: January 6, 2009 3:43 am

    While watching the Wild Card Playoffs this weekend as Minnesota and Phillidelphia tightened their chin straps, I had a my usual sense of  uneasiness I have watching this version of the Childress led Vikings. In years past I could easily tell how far the team could go under Jerry Burns and Bud Grant due to the physical play of the team mostly on defense, and under Dennis Green due to the stellar offense play. Strong play by the weaker squad and we would advance. But after the first quarter of play a strange thing happened,  I was comfortable with the effort put out by both sides of the ball and most important the confidence of Tarvaris Jackson. The team believed and i did. I have always been a strong critic of Jackson and his unability to throw the medium range pass that is needed in this run oriented offense. Then  a strange thing happened in the second half, i could see in the Eagles defense  that the threat of a medium pass was not there, Jackson was not going to hurt them. Then you could see it trickle down to the Vikings offense and finally to the stout defense. Season over.

    So here the Vikings go into another offseason with questions concerning the quarterback. I have seen many articles and blogs concerning free agents, we should get this and that, another wideout, another corner, line help, but after much thought its obvious we need a quaterback who can throw a medium range pass effectively and complete a long third down pass once I awile. It is a necessity  in a run oriented offense,( see Phil Simms, Trent Dilfer) not great passer ratings but able to make the medium range pass effectively and when the team needs the chains moved. The short pass only cloggs the running lanes, evident by the many defensive linemen the Eagles put in coverage, allows blitzing teams to hang around the line of scrimmage 8 and 9 men, hampering the running game while adding in exotic blitzing schemes. This team is as good as its going to get on defense and offense, besides the quaterback position. Is the team going to get better with the current batch of quarterbacks or will they look outside. And  making matters more confusing ,the team seems to be behind Jackson now, unlike last year. Jackson had me believing for a half of playoff football, even after the interception, but a 45.4 quaterback rating wont get it done, and above all his unability to lead this strong, balanced team. Do we try him one more year or go with a another? Put in your opinion, I am truly on the fence......but my intellect tells me this is just not a good fit with this type of offense. This team immulates the Eagles in everyway except we have Adrian Peterson, opposed to Brian Westbrook. Two totally different type of backs. Even with Donovan Mcnabb at the helm of the Viking offense I believe the offense would run the same. Nothing against Tarvaris Jackson,  I just think its a bad fit. See you next year Viking fans.  

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